MEMBERS at Alderley Edge Golf Club have a whole new viewpoint on their course.

New technology has made it possible for its members to see the 'Butterfly Bank' course from a different perspective since its course was first used 108 years ago.

It involved a drone camera, which made the flyover of the 5,794 yard 9 hole course above the Cheshire Plain to show members how their home of golf looks from hundreds of feet up.

Club captain Chris Hills said the filming, which was carried out by professional film makers Kestrel-Cam, had to have all the necessary clearance to operate above the course.

"Preparation for filming included blocking off a number of tee times and putting all relevant approval checks in place.

The broadcast quality video camera is mounted below a multi rotored drone, approximately a metre across, which flies at heights of up to 400 feet.

"Using remote control consoles one person operates the drone, whilst the second manipulates the camera to get the best shots. Filming is possible for 10 minutes before a change of battery is required."

Though the day the drone was sent up was overcast the results were some sparkling images of the course from up above.

Mr Hills added: "The result is a full 9 hole fly-over film tracking the whole course, from teeing off at the clubhouse to finishing on the ninth hole, which includes a fantastic view of one of the signature holes at AEGC par 3 eighth hole.

Golfers now have a unique view, hole by hole, of the course; they will be able to visualise the fairways and greens ahead of their game, and benefit from this extra dimension to the standard course planner.

The full fly-over film (which is 4mins, 52 secs), is available to watch now on the AEGC website: