PARISH chiefs have given their backing to a potential three housing developments which would see 112 new homes be built in Alderley Edge.

Under Cheshire East Council’s local plan, the village is classed as a ‘local service centre’, which means it will be allocated around 100 new homes to be built by 2030.

With the plan still in its draft stages, developers have already made four proposals for new housing developments in the village.

At a meeting on Monday, April 10, Alderley Edge Parish Council confirmed it would give support to three of the proposals, having been guided by the responses given in its neighbourhood plan questionnaire.

Those plans involve building 50 new homes on land to the north of Beech Road, 50 homes on land opposite Horseshoe Farm, and 12 affordable homes in Hole Farm.

Cllr Craig Browne is the CEC member for Alderley Edge and a member of Alderley Edge Parish Council.

“Alderley Edge Parish Council recognises [around 100 homes] as a reasonable share of the development required through the local plan,” he said.

“It also notes however, the allocation of 275 new homes at nearby Alderley Park and the absence of any associated infrastructure investment for Alderley Edge, as the nearest local service centre.

“Being surrounded by greenbelt land on all sides puts Alderley Edge in a challenging position.

“In order to satisfy the housing requirement, it will be necessary to either accept further infill development and plot subdivision within the settlement boundary, or to make minor adaptations to the existing greenbelt boundaries.”

The proposal for Beech Road includes a number of bungalows and at least 30 per cent of the properties would be affordable homes.

It also includes new cycling and walking routes to Wilmslow, a new allotment site and an extension to the Beech Road play area with a new skatepark.

In return, the parish council would look for a section 106 contribution towards a car park at the old Heyes Lane allotments.

Meanwhile, the Horseshoe Farm development would also include a 50-space car park near the village centre, and Alderley Edge Parish Council would want a new roundabout in Wilmslow Road.

The fourth proposal involved constructing 300 homes on land adjacent to Ryleys Farm, plus a further 200-300 homes on land to the south of the village.

Cllr Browne added: “The parish council remains strongly opposed to this.

“It is unnecessary development, as the need for additional housing can be met through the other sites proposed, at minimal impact to the greenbelt.”