AS it works through another kitten season, the Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary is urging animal lovers to consider giving an older cat a new home.

The sanctuary is already full to capacity with unwanted pets looking for a new ‘forever home’, but kitten season means it will be forced to find even more loving homes as it takes in homeless litters.

Of the 178 animals the sanctuary rehomed in 2016, 138 were cats and kittens – but it claims that cats as young as six or seven years old are being overlooked by prospective owners, and the problem is even worse in the summer months.

Nicola Foster, from Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary, told the Guardian: “There is no doubt that kittens are absolutely adorable.

“But the reality is there are already thousands of unwanted cats all desperately seeking loving homes through no fault of their own.

“Kittens will always be popular, and most have no trouble attracting admirers.

“Older cats have just as much love to give so before deciding on what kind of cat to adopt, please consider giving a home to a mature moggie.”

The sanctuary’s active rehoming programme sees many of its animals find new homes, while those that are too elderly or unwell remain at the site where they are cared for, safe and secure for the rest of their lives.

Permanent residents at the sanctuary include pigs, chickens, hens, donkeys and horses, and guests are welcome to visit.

A member of the team can show visitors around the sanctuary, while prospective pet owners can also discuss animals that are up for adoption.

The sanctuary, in Newgate, is open from 11am to 4pm every day except on Thursdays.

For more information visit,, or call 01625 520802.