AROUND the World in Eighty Days is the latest offering from the talented cast at Wilmslow's Green Room

This classic adventure novel penned by Jules Verne in the 19th century features the great Phileas Fogg living a life of perfect control and regularity, going every day to his gentleman’s club to play whist and letting nothing stir his equilibrium, let alone his heart.

At a time of great industrial feats of engineering internationally, someone suggests to Phileas that even in the heady days of high-speed connections that are the 1870s, he cannot possibly travel right round the world in just eighty days. Fogg cannot resist a wager and so agrees to gamble his fortune to prove them wrong.

Fogg’s new valet, Passepartout, thinks he has settled for a quiet life after leaving his former profession as a circus performer, but finds himself on a hair-raising adventure.

Racing around the globe and across the continents, the pair jump from train to boat to elephant and back again, pausing only to rescue a princess and battle bandits, winter storms and Scotland Yard.

In the course of their journey, Fogg and Passepartout, pursued by Inspector Fix and eventually accompanied by Mrs Aouda, come across a collection of about fifty very varied characters, played with great panache by four incredibly versatile Green Room performers and with a lot of help from our inventive Wardrobe department.

As if all this were not enough, this production has an extra challenge.

For the first time the Green Room is not only presenting the play in the Green Room theatre itself, it then transfers the same production to the lovely setting of the Upper Garden at Quarry Bank – which means that everything we use in the Green Room has to be fit for use outdoors too.

Around the World in Eighty Days is a great fun adventure suitable for all the family and runs at the Wilmslow Green Room Theatre from Friday June 23 until Saturday July 1 and as an outdoor production at Quarry Bank Gardens in Styal on July 7 and 8.

For further information, visit: or call 01625 540933 to book Green Room Theatre tickets or 01625 527468 to book outdoor tickets at Quarry Bank.