POLICE are targeting anti-social behaviour and drug misuse in Alderley Edge and Handforth this month.

“We have received a number of reports of anti-social behaviour and drug misuse in the area around Chorley Hall Lane and the adjacent railway line in Alderley Edge and Meriton Park, Handforth, particularly on weekend evenings,” said a Cheshire Police spokesman.

“The Police will target these areas along with others that may become a problem by regular high visibility patrolling in the areas and dealing with any incidents robustly.

“We would ask members of the public to report such issues of anti-social behaviour as and when they are occurring so that we can attend and deal with these matters expeditiously.”

You can contact the Police via 101. You can also provide information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Wilmslow officers are also focusing their attention this month on speeding and burglaries.

“Speeding in the local area continues to be an issue,” added the spokesman.

“We will be tackling this on various routes, in particular Congleton Road, Wilmslow Road and Dean Road.

“This is with the aid of a new speeding enforcement ‘gun’ in a bid to educate as well as prosecute drivers who are flouting the restrictions.

“The ‘Drink Drive’ simulator will also be on show in Alderley Edge on weekend evenings to show people the effect alcohol has on their driving skills.

“This will tie in with the Force's summer drink driving campaign.

“Officers are urging residents to double check their security measures following an increase in burglaries throughout the Wilmslow, Handforth and Alderley Edge areas.

The Force is providing useful tips which can help prevent residents becoming a victim to thieves.

Most houses which are burgled tend to not have a burglar alarm fitted - invest in one and make sure you use it.

Make sure all windows are closed and locked or, at the very least, use the security measures on modern windows, which allow them to let some air in but still be locked.

All external doors should be secured at all times, even when you are at home.

Keep desirable items out of view to passers-by. The same applies to valuable items stored away in garages or sheds - ensure that garages and sheds are locked with strong padlocks and, ideally, fitted with an alarm.

Residents are also urged to consider installing outside lights.