A Porsche, Audi and Volvo were stolen after burglars targeted Wilmslow streets.

Homes in Pownall Road and Oak Lane were targeted between 2am and 4am yesterday.

In Pownall Road garden furniture was used to smash a back door, but entry was not gained and nothing was stolen.

Police said there were two 'quality' vehicles on the drive, which are believed to have been the target for the criminals.

In Oak Lane a ground floor window was removed, allowing a burglar to enter the house and steal keys to a white Audi, which was stolen.

Between 2am and 4am today access was gained to a house in South Oak Lane by an insecure window.

Two sets of car keys and the accompanying vehicles, a black Porsche and grey Volvo, were subsequently stolen.

"Enquiries are ongoing into each offence and whether they are linked," said Sgt John O'Driscoll.

"Crime prevention advice would be to ensure items are secured in sheds and not left out to aid offenders gaining entry.

"Ensure windows are secure and keys are not on display."