RANGER Vicky Naylor hopes a summer of outdoor adventure will inspire the next generation of countryside guardians.

Vicky said Quarry Bank was the perfect place for children to explore the great outdoors and learn more about wildlife and nature.

“We need to interest them in the countryside now because they are the people who will look after the countryside in the future,” she said.

“There’s so much to discover around the estate at Quarry Bank and, who knows, it could spark a passion that is with them for life.”

The National Trust introduced its 50 Things To Do Before You’re 11¾ to encourage children to take part in outdoor play and exploration because research has shown it increases physical and mental well-being.

Activities include everything from building a den to flying a kite or playing conkers.

At Quarry Bank there’s the chance to hunt for bugs, make a grass trumpet, skim a stone, play pooh sticks and enjoy a spot of bird watching.

Vicky, who has worked as a ranger at Quarry Bank for two years, said young explorers and their families would enjoy the chance to explore the countryside.

“It gives children a sense of freedom and wonder,” she said.

“I took some youngsters on a bat walk recently and the moment we spotted one they were so excited.”

There are several mapped walks and acres to explore at Quarry Bank. Families will pass through fields, woodland and along the River Bollin.

Each habitat provides a different experience and animals to spot from those that make themselves seen to others that like to remain hidden.

“Sometimes we have to help the children to learn how to look for wildlife,” said Vicky.

“If you take a closer look you never know what you might find.”

Quarry Bank opens every day during the summer holidays from 10.30am to 5pm.