CAMPAIGNING residents are calling on Secretary of State Sajid Javid to launch an independent inquiry into the actions and behaviour of Cheshire East Council.

The call comes from the Residents of Wilmslow group, which has written to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government about its ‘grave concerns’ over the way it feels the council is being run.

The group believes the council has lost all credibility with the public, and is asking Mr Javid to consider putting it into ‘special measures’.

The letter has been sent by group secretary Manuel Golding and development officer Roger Bagguley.

“We are informing the Secretary of State of our continued concerns about the council’s poor management history, that has resulted in a long stream of high-profile errors, investigations and waste of taxpayer funds,” said Mr Golding.

“Our latest concern is for the council’s recent admissions that officers have deliberately and systematically falsified and manipulated air quality data readings between 2012 and 2014.

“We justifiably feel this latest escapade has finally destroyed what remained of our waning confidence and belief in our council’s leadership, its cabinet members and officers.

“This latest fiasco follows a litany of questionable policies, decisions and administration by this council.”

The issues the group has concerns over include the suspensions of council CEO Mike Suarez and head of legal services Bill Norman, and the resignation of former council leader Michael Jones over contracts awarded to his personal physiotherapist's firm.

It is also concerned about what it dubbed the Lyme Green waste transfer station ‘fiasco’, the Co-socious financial venture, the Local Plan being more than five years in the making and a lack of a five-year housing supply Mr Golding added: “While it would appear there are a series of ‘unconnected’ events and issues that have resulted in a number of senior officers being suspended, these only lead us to conclude there is something rotten at the core of this council.

“We are seriously concerned that Cheshire East Council has lost all credibility with the residents and electorate of the borough.

“Therefore we are writing to call on the Secretary of State to initiate an independent inquiry into the actions and behaviour of the members and officers of the council to restore public confidence, and to consider placing this council into special measures.”

Residents of Wilmslow (RoW) was formed in response to the ‘Wilmslow Vision’ - a proposal put forward by Cheshire East Council on the future of Wilmslow.

The group brought together smaller campaign groups from areas of the town, which had a common aim to protect the green belt.