PREPARE for a ‘giggle-filled’ evening at The Old Dancer on Sunday as Liz Wallis performs her Edinburgh Fringe comedy.

Liz, from Wilmslow, will be performing Tinderella Nights - The Ballad of Lizzy Wallis - in the upstairs bar at 7.30pm.

Tinderella Nights is Liz’s comic take on dating via Tinder, and the show is not suitable for children.

She performed the show at the Grove Street pub before taking it to the Free Fringe at Edinburgh this summer.

“I am so pleased with how many people are coming to this week's show,” said Liz.

“The majority are coming because their friends told them about the last one, which is amazing!

“I am so excited about being in The Old Dancer again - it seems like a lifetime ago that I did my first show, having crammed 30-plus shows into Edinburgh.”

In terms of what kind of show people can expect, Liz said: “I would say prepare for anything – you can't go wrong then! But most of all prepare for a giggle-filled evening."

Tickets for Sunday’s show are £6.96, and are available from