WILMSLOW Animal Sanctuary has received a welcome donation of cat food, treats, biscuits and fresh fruit and veg from Lindow Rainbows.

The donation followed a visit to the Rainbows by Peter from the sanctuary.

Lindow Rainbows leader Ella Jane Brookbanks said: “Peter came in to visit the girls to talk about the invaluable work the sanctuary does in and around Wilmslow.

“He talked about the cats waiting for loving, forever homes, the chickens, ducks and geese seeing out their days in the dirt baths, and the horses and donkeys rescued from awful conditions and now loving all the attention and love the sanctuary gives them every day.

“We donated tins of cat food, treats, biscuits and fresh fruit and veg for Peter to take back to the animals.

“The girls loved the visit, learned so much and made a promise to always look after their own pets.”

The girls also had a surprise visit from Tilly, Little Dude and Arnie, Ella’s eight-year-old Shih Tzu, cat and albino corn snake respectively.

“The girls were very gentle with the animals and very respectful,” added Ella.

“My daughter Sophie also gave a little talk on how important it is to look after your pets and love them forever, not just for a little while when you think they're cute.”