RESIDENTS with an interest in the future of their village are being urged to attend a public meeting about its future development.

The meeting on November 16 has been called by The Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Alderley Edge Parish Council after Cheshire East Council published speculative sites for development in the village.

Earlier this year the council carried out a ‘Call for Sites’ consultation which invited developers and landowners to identify sites they wanted to develop as part of the Local Plan.

The council recently issued the results of that consultation to town and parish councils, which they have shared with the Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan steering group.

A group spokesman said: “We wanted to share this information with residents of Alderley Edge without delay.

“Please bear in mind that this is just a list of sites identified by developers and landowners. Cheshire East Council is not recommending them for development at this stage.

“However, we are very concerned about the potential impact these sites could have if they were included in the CE Local Plan.”

The sites, as identified on the attached map, are as follows.

CFS130 (Land North of Beech Road) - 3.80 hectares

CFS132 (Land at Horseshoe Farm) - 0.75 hectares*

CFS350 (Land at Chorley Hall Lane) - 1.41 hectares

CFS359/400 (Land South of Lydiat Lane) - 2.43 hectares**

CFS370 (Land West of Heyes Lane) - 4.87 hectares

CFS394(Land South of Netherfields) - 2.23 hectares

CFS404 (Land North & South of Chelford Road) - 47.81 hectares

CFS405 (Land at Whitehall Meadow) - 3.27 hectares

CFS620 (Land to the rear of 40 Congleton Road) - 14.01 hectares

*Site proposed for employment use

*Site proposed for a mix of employment and residential use

The spokesman added: “We have previously shared the known proposals submitted by Story Homes (CFS404, CFS359, CFS400, CFS394), David Wilson Homes (CFS405) and the Sims Family (CFS130), but it is clear from the list that other developers and landowners have put forward additional sites of which we were previously unaware.

“The total land mass of the additional sites alone is 20.29 hectares. In a medium density housing area, this would accommodate as many as 1,000 new homes, over and above those already made public.

“The only means that we as a community have to manage the threat of overdevelopment is to create a sound Neighbourhood Plan - endorsed by the community.

“The parish council and the Neighbourhood Plan steering group have called a public meeting to discuss the potential implications of these additional sites, to share the information they have to date, inform residents how they can help our community avoid the threat of over-development, and discuss what is needed to take the Neighbourhood Plan forward.

“If you have an interest in the future of our village - and particularly if you have experience of the planning process - then please attend the public meeting at Alderley Edge School for Girls, on Thursday, November 16, at 7.30pm, or contact the steering group.

“We would appreciate it if you could register your interest in attending, by emailing the Neighbourhood Plan group in advance at"