A PLUCKY pooch whose ‘tail’ started at a Wilmslow veterinary surgery 16 years ago visited staff to help celebrate an outstanding award for client service.

Henry, a border collie/labrador cross, was born at Broom Cottage Veterinary Surgery in 2001, since when staff have been on hand to help him whenever he’s feeling ‘woof’.

His owner, Diana Hartley, and Henry were special guests to the vet surgery on Chapel Lane after it was rated outstanding for client service by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).

Broom Cottage is part of Willows Veterinary Group, and one of seven surgeries in the group which were recently been inspected and received top marks for client care.

Heading up the team is branch manager, Katie Green who said: “I’m very proud that the hard work of team of three vets, two nurses and two reception staff has been recognised by this outstanding award.

“Client service is what we’re all about, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and treating other people’s pets as our own.”

The RCVS promotes the gold standard of care and treatment for animals, and two years ago launched a more detailed assessment process for vets seeking accreditation and their clients.

The Broom Cottage team were put through their paces, including having to demonstrate bereavement counselling skills and their empathetic handling of difficult situations when owners are worried and upset about their pets.

Mrs Hartley, a grandmother-of-two from Wilmslow said: “It was the head vet at Broom Cottage 16 years ago who delivered Henry by caesarean section on October 2, 2001.

“He was one of eight pups to be born. He’s been a wonderful and loyal companion ever since.

“When my late husband George was bedridden, Henry would sit by the bed and I used to put George’s hand on his head. He is a very gentle dog, he’s like my shadow.

“Luckily Henry has been in good health over the years but now suffers with arthritis in his back legs.

“He’s OK, he’s happy and the staff at Broom Cottage look after him very well - I can’t speak highly enough about them.”