GLORIOUS weather marked a record attendance at Saturday’s The Cinema on the Carrs.

The free event, organised by Wilmslow Town Council, featured a family fun day during the afternoon that included a showing of Toy Story, numerous children’s activities and what turned out to be a sell-out Duck Race.

With many families remaining to make the most of the sunshine and the ongoing entertainment, the audience for the evening showing of The Greatest Showman was well established even before the evening crowds started to assemble.

Cllr Angela McPake said: “We will remember this year’s event as one which those attending appear in the main to have thoroughly enjoyed, but which presented the organising team with many challenges due to the event’s popularity.

“Un-requested publicity well beyond our immediate geographic area in Manchester, of what is ultimately a local community event, coupled with a good weather forecast brought about concerns that Wilmslow residents may not gain access to the event.

“Ultimately it wasn’t necessary to turn anyone away but the experience did highlight the need to look at how Wilmslow residents are prioritised in the future and how a ticketing system could improve the enjoyment of local residents, their friends and family.

“The town council will now need to consider the Cinema on the Carrs for future years what format this should take. In the meantime we would like to thank all of those who attended and all of the volunteers who made the event possible.”