THE Casual Observer is right, I was being a little testy in my letter a couple of weeks back. It's middle age creeping on; we get a little worked up sometimes.

My wife is a little more prosaic about my temper!

However, the mix up of Lindow Common and Lindow Moss also occurred in a previous article in the same newspaper.

Please don't think that I, or the Lindow Common Advisory Group (LCAG), do not support the efforts of all those concerned about the destruction of Lindow Moss.

Personally I am also in favour of releasing political prisoners and the ban on whaling, and taking the fight to ISIL.

Unfortunately I don't have time for all these causes as I have a family to care for, a job (or two) to hold down and numerous other calls on my time.

So you have my support for a halt to the destruction of Lindow Moss, and I'm sure the rest of LCAG feel the same way.

But I shall have to restrict my activities to Lindow Common until I retire.

Or I'm left a spectacular amount of money!"

Tony Hughes Wilmslow