THIS week’s announcement by those that govern us from Westminster have agreed to award fracking licences for the exploration of shale gas in their chosen locations in the UK is yet another very questionable decision.

In the State of California this week, the plans to seek shale gas by fracking have been abandoned immediately for a number of reasons.

1.The cost of a barrel of oil is down to $35 – the charge rate and cost of shale gas will far exceed other energy costs, by a very significant margin.

2.The fracking system requires huge amounts of water and sand and in the circumstance if sourcing a constant supply of water becomes an issue, especially in the dry season, this could be a major risk for domestic supplies.

3. Contamination of the eco-water systems underground is now a definite prospective issue to really consider.

4. The danger of underground destabilisation which will cause mini earthquakes, has arisen as a definite risk that cannot be ignored.

5. Impending law suits.

I suggest that our members of parliament make decisions for interests other than, the good of the people they represent, proper regard for the environment and above all, totally oblivious to something called the reduction of the use of fossil fuels, not world meetings of which, they were funded to attend at the taxpayers’ expense.

Gerald A. Norden     Address supplied