I WAS interested to read that the site of the Five Oaks pub which went on the market in 2012 for £450k has been bought by a developer for £300k and the site will be used to build two blocks of flats.

For in August 2014 I wrote to the East Cheshire NHS Trust, George Osborne and the Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group suggesting that as the site had quite a lot of ground at the back, the building could possibly be converted/re-built as a medical centre to serve the Mobberley end of the town. as Residents there had expressed their disquiet at meetings of the Knutsford Community Panel when it looked as if services could be moved to the Bexton Road side, as they felt it was too far away.

Furthermore of course the 'health needs' of that side of town were predicted to vastly increase when the planned houses were built at Parkgate.

The town's main provision for the other two GP practices - a clinic, intermediate beds and social care - could then be accommodated on the current Bexton Road site , and this 'two centre' approach could appease local feelings and solve the space limitations of the Bexton Road site.

The proposal presumably fell on to stony ground as I heard nothing from any of the parties to whom my inquiries were addressed, so seemingly another possibility to improve health care services in Knutsford was lost.

Mabel Taylor Knutsford