WE would like to thank the Wilmslow Guardian for championing the efforts made by the Wilmslow Clean Team to get the dual carriageway section of the A34 between Alderley Edge and Handforth Dean litter picked.

After a long absence ANSA did the work in March and according to their statement to the Guardian, litter removal work will aim to be done once a year.

A spokesman for Cheshire East Council told the Guardian: “The A34 Alderley Edge – Handforth Dean bypass is an extremely busy highway and only teams from the council’s environmental services company Ansa would be permitted to carry out roadside and grass verge cleansing.

“Also, this can only be carried out within traffic management zones for health and safety reasons, owing to the need to protect the workforce carrying out the litter clearing operation. Ansa aims to conduct litter clearing operations on the A34 once a year.”

This is a significant commitment improvement and a step in the right direction. Surely, the requirement for cleaning this busy section of road should be assessed on a more regular basis, for example, once every six months and the offending sections cleaned as appropriate to requirement.

Nevertheless, ANSA should be congratulated for doing the work at a time before the full onset of the spring growth of the hedges etc and grasses on the verges of the A34 cover up the full extent of the accumulative mountain of litter that has been dumped by motorists.

The sincere hope is that ANSA will be proactive with their aim to do more litter picking on this busy dual carriageway road and make it unnecessary for the the Wilmslow Guardian and the Wilmslow Clean Team to issue a collaborative reminder.

Christopher K Evans Wilmslow Clean Team