IT’S nice to see Vic Barlow back driving a keyboard again - he’s been missed.

I think Cheshire East Council and Wilmslow Town Council should be congratulated on their imaginative but partial solution to the parking problems of Wilmslow and Alderley Edge.

Yellow paint was rapidly becoming a very expensive element in the highways’ committee budget but embarrassment has been avoided/delayed by the adoption of an exciting new policy.

Instead of increasing the number of parking places and/or setting up Park and Ride schemes from Morley, Chelford and Mottram St Andrew, motorists are now encouraged to park their nearside wheels on the pavement.

Where motorists have used just one side of the road this has proved moderately successful, but when both sides are occupied there have been some interesting challenges.

Chapel Lane often sees the local ‘service’ bus inching its way through and running late as a result and in side roads prams with children on board being pushed down the middle of the road, there being insufficient room on both pavements.

The new CEC plan contains much heralded development of housing in the neighbourhood but I see no provision for extra roads or parking facilities. Still, I suppose our lords and masters know best. Roll on.

Jim Barrow Wilmslow