AT THE time of writing world leaders have left their negotiators in Paris at the UN Climate Change Conference trying to hammer out a deal to reduce the harmful effects our day-to-day living is having on our planet.

Every country pledged some form of action before the conference started.

Even China has recognised the need to take action so hopefully negotiators will find agreement, for the sake of our children and all the creatures we share this planet with.

We are told that energy is the big area of concern and that there needs to be a shift to safer renewable sources going forward.

But don’t we also need to take more responsibility for the energy we currently use here at home?

We all need to do our bit and it all adds up, it all helps.

Can I therefore make a plea to the shops in Wilmslow and all the surrounding areas to reconsider the way that many of them manage their shop heating in the colder months.

As you walk down high streets you are hit by waves of heating blowing from shops who leave their doors wide open.

Presumably the open doors are meant to invite people to come in to their warm shops out of the cold, but the waste of fuel, damage to the environment and the cost must be enormous.

I remember when we had power shortages a few years ago, then all shops and offices were required to act responsibly with regard to power.

So heating was managed carefully and computers and shop lights were switched off at night.

Shops and offices that failed to act responsibly were berated by one and all.

I think we need to get back to that kind of mentality.

Everywhere you go these days, shops and some private homes, are lit up like Christmas trees at night. Do we really need such a vast amount of lighting, could we manage with less? Doesn’t it fly in the face of the council’s bid to save money by managing street lighting-up times more carefully?

I don’t mean to be a party pooper, there are special occasions like Christmas when we all want to see pretty lights around the area and if we managed our day-to-day use of power more carefully, it would mitigate the impact of these occasions.

It’s not just world leaders that need to make a commitment to better manage resources and cut back on energy, we all do.

Come the day our power is provided by totally safe, renewable energy, I will be out there lighting up left, right and centre. So long as it’s at a price I can afford... But then that’s for another column...