Glad to see Cheshire East are tackling the lack of lighting on the A34 near Wilmslow High School at last.

I understand they have had problems locating the cause of the blackout but it's been about six months now and that seems an awful long time to be without lights on such a key stretch of road.

Hopefully it will be resolved soon as this is the wrong time of year to have such an issue, particularly on this road which seems to attract speeders more than any other road in the area.

I notice too that yet another crash barrier has recently been demolished.

The whole stretch from the Wilmslow/Alderley Edge bypass roundabout to Handforth Dean is littered with debris from where cars have hit roundabouts and crash barriers.

It would maybe help if the police could be more visible, particularly at night, when most of these incidents seem to occur.

I also spotted that the council has had people out collecting litter along the A34.

It's been looking pretty grim for a while now, especially after the grasses died back, so it's good to see it being addressed.

Far better though, if people didn't throw the litter out of their cars in the first place!

On another issue, I have a great deal of sympathy with Wilmslow Town Councillors.

There has been a lot of hoo-ha about the way the council allocates grants to local organisations, so much so that the chairman has used his monthly report to hit back at some of the critics.

He understandably felt the need to take issue with what some commentators who, without really understanding either the background or the rules around issuing grants, alleged was poor management of funds.

Who would be a local councillor these days?

Whatever decisions they make people feel free to criticise, sometimes with a nasty aside.

Social media seems to have opened the floodgates for people to say awful things and if you look at sites like Twitter our national politicians are sometimes the victims of particularly vitriolic comment.

People claim they have no faith in politicians but they rarely put themselves forward to take up the mantle.

It's important to really understand issues before lambasting those who are trying to make sense of it all. Comment by all means, that's free speech, but let's drop the uniformed nasty asides.

If we are not careful we will end up with a Trump over here and wouldn't that be just awful...